Heart Factors Plus Review

Like most people, I always knew I should take good care of my heart if I wanted to remain healthy.  My family also has a history of heart problems, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Then came the day when I went in for the annual checkup, and my doctor said to me “Morgan, have a seat.  We need to talk.”  Talk about being scared.  I exercised and tried to eat healthy, but like most people I had a lot of room for improvement.  My doctor told me that while I was doing some things right, that sometimes diet and exercise are not enough.  He said sometimes a prescription medication is necessary to maintain a healthy heart.  When I got home that night I started doing research and looking for a natural supplement that would  help support normal blood pressure levels by improving my blood flow, so I would not have to take prescription medications.  That was when I first heard about Heart Factors Plus.  It seemed to be exactly what I needed, so I tried it and am so glad I did.

Heart Factors Plus


So what is Heart Factors Plus?

Heart Factors Plus is a all natural supplement that has been designed to support a healthy heart, cardiovascular function and normalize blood pressure levels without the need for prescription medication.  It contains the amino acid Arginine, as well as many other antioxidents such as green tea extract, chaste tree berry, and vitamin B6.


Great, how does it work?

According to the maker, Heart factors plus works by relaxing the smooth muscles surrounding the veins and arteries. At first how that mattered did not make sense to me, so I asked my doctor why this mattered. He explained that I have a set amount of blood, and as the size of the container shrinks that action forces the blood pressure to go up. By relaxing the smooth muscles surrounding the arteries it allows the arteries to expand just enough to lower the pressure to the correct levels. When the pressure is increased it means harder work for the heart to move the blood as well as more stress on the veins, which eventually makes them weaker and less elastic.


Is there proof/reviews

Heart disease runs in my family so I was anxious to try Heart Factors Plus and so far I have had no side effects!  Thanks Chamonix!” Debbie M. – Arizona


“Taking this product regularly makes me “feel” younger than I have felt years. It improved my mood sexual stamina tremendously.” Jim S. – Utah


“My wife has been using your skin products for years and, this past summer, she ordered me your CD on Arginine and a bottle of Heart Factors Plus with Arginine.  This stuff really is a miracle, and I’m telling everyone.” Larry R. – Connecticut


“The Arginine in HeartFactors Plus has lowered my triglycerides significantly.”  Bob G. Illinois


Where should I get It?

If you are considering trying Heart Factors Plus you should know a couple things.

Firstly, there are a number of websites out there that sell Heart Factors Plus, but they are not all the same.  They sell different quantities at different prices… they take different amounts of time to get to your door, and sometimes they are selling something completely different and could rip you off.

After researching I have discovered the safest and most affordable option is to go direct through the official Chamonix website, where you can get a three month supply a lot less than if each bottle was purchased individually through some other merchants.  Purchasing through the official website also gives you the company’s 90 day money back guarantee, that is not available other places.


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